Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO at IOB llc
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With extensive experience in equity fund management and quantitative trading, Yale believes in combining the most forward-looking technologies with active asset investment and management activities to bring a healthy balance between innovation and regulation.

IOB llc (IOB) is a fintech holding company and a system developer.

IOB Smart VC™ and Smart Trading™ build a new financial model on blockchain.

Smart VC™: IOB Token We improve the entire VC model by fully integrating the blockchain technology with our entire governance and investment decision-making process, instead of just using blockchain for fundraising.

Smart Trading™ IOB plans to manage an algo fund for its clients in addition to its own money next year based on IOB trading algorithm strategies on a series of smart contracts.

Smart Exchange SmX™ P2P trading platform for professional traders with high performance arbitraging and HFT engines built-in. It enables experienced traders to go both long and short.