Co-Founder & CMO
Brief info

An ardent badminton player and being an ex-entrepreneur myself (in Event management, Own TV show production house and a Design/Marketing firm), we have helped incubate 5 startups inhouse from the ground-up on their ideation, UX, UI, Messaging, Market Design, Branding, GTM, Sales Structuring, Communication and Mentoring. I have extensive experience in Global IT and ITeS marketing strategies, Multi-location ATL and BTL execution - Global Events, Celebrity Management, GTM, OOH, Digital and Marketing Innovations.

He is well versed in IT nuances, Business Analytics, Case Modelling, Regression, R programming & Tableau as well. Being the Senior Partner & Chief Marketing Officer for 3 wild-fire SaaS platforms @ raksan: moolya, hcmSprint and FieldEagles, he is responsible for overseeing the ideation, planning, development and execution of our marketing and advertising initiatives.

He also works on the marketing plans, brand placement and competitive strategies for our partner companies and those which have been a member on moolya. He also heads the global chapters and marketing offices of raksan.