Brief info

Ramana is a pro with 20+ years of experience in product development and worked across multiple geographies. He has over 20+ years of product development experience working in various product companies across multiple geographies in various offshore/offsite/onsite/OPD/GDC models. He also has experience of being a startup founder as well as working for a well established product MNC across various functions such as Product Development, Management, Program and General Management.

As a sophomore in US, Ramana worked as a programmer in Flight Safety International and got an headstart in work even as a student. He briefly worked in Lucent Technologies in Ohio and California. He started his full-time career as a systems developer working with C/C++ on Unix systems, Sybase and Oracle in organizations that were building products for internal use or commercial products. During the dotcom era, he opted to work in startups to gain maximum exposure and experience in new and cutting-edge technologies. Learning the internals of everything about the web - HTTP protocols and RTSP. This gave him a rich exposure to the entire web applications stack very early on as a proponent of these technologies.

Working in India, he rose to be an acclaimed consultant, architect and engineering manager of critical products with Novell’s Bangalore center and was recognized as top 1% talent. In his next job,as Senior Manager at EMC Data storage systems, he was sighted for director training program conducted by Harvard School. He is proud of how he set up a green field ODC for a startup Sensen Networks, an Australian firm.

He is an effective leader and communicator with extensive experience in leading large scale projects and programs simultaneously. He is also a technical Engineering Manager who transitioned various products from US to India centers and managed the roadmap for these products from growth to maturity.