Senior Advisor
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Mauro teaches finance and risk management at Bocconi University, University of Pisa and University of Geneve - UBIS. He is also the founder and managing partner of ‘Andriotto Financial Services (AFS)’ which deals with traditional corporate finance, risk management and quantitative models for big corporations. He is part of ICO Advisors is a Swiss based group located near the famous Crypto Valley in Zug. We are present in two continents and in three different countries: Italy, Switzerland and USA. ICO Advisors is a team of PhDs, MBAs, entrepreneurs, professors, bankers, engineers, big-4 consultants, executives, lawyers and professionals. They come from Harvard, Stanford, NASA, Microsoft, EY, HP, PwC, Cisco, Citi, European Commission, University of Florida, University of Michigan, Bocconi University, Politecnico di Milano and Università Cattolica. ICO-Advisors understand the difficulties and complexities behind successful token sales.