Frequently Asked Questions

moolyacoin is an ERC20 token of a patent pending innovative SaaS platform - moolya.global, which is a culmination of an interaction network, marketplace and on-demand service platforms offering services using the Ethereum blockchain framework and moolyacoin as its preferred mode to access and conduct transactions.

Introduction of moolyacoin aims to promote the cause of moolya.global - ‘ World’s 1st Digital Startup Ecosystem’ , furthering an adoption of a common transactional coin allowing the global community users to access various services of  ‘moolya.global’ platform.

Participation in moolyacoin ICO, requires whitelisting of your profile. Our KYC and AML policy is mentioned in the footer of our website. Kindly refer the same. Once the whitelisting is completed, a unique ID is assigned for each backer for tracking and communication. The backer will receive an email with details on how they can transfer the ETH to our smart contract public address. We will validate this transfer and then arrange for the allocation of moolyacoins to registered cryptowallet. After whitelisting request submission, you can communicate with us over email: ‘[email protected]’.

1. Will be preferred mode of operations on moolya
2. Safe and within the ecosystem
3. Trackable and faster settlements
4. No payment gateway charges
5. No transaction charges (Except Gas charges as applicable)
6. Good liquidity

moolya.global works by simplifying the choices to be made by startups in the complicated ecosystems across the world. We bring curated and KYC-cleared users and service providers on a single digital startup ecosystem and expose workflows between them. All interactions and collaboration is built into blocks and automated smart contracts bring in the required trust in transactions on the global network. This eases choices, reduces costs and enables faster resolution of service requirements for global startups, investors, service-providers, ideators, institutions and companies.

  • Our model relies on Metcalfe’s law of network effects and achievement of that critical mass of community users.
  • Our business is to build that critical mass by aggregating, converging, and digitising the startup community members
  • Achieve network externality effect by discovery, interaction, enablement and transactions of community members
  • moolya relies on “2-sides network effect” principle where increase in adoption and usage of the original product by a certain community users increases the value of its complementary product to another group of users and vice versa

We will burn the left over coins (of the share offered in the ICO) to maintain the sanity of the token economics.

We have kept the bonus issuance policy really simple, unlike other ICOs who complicate it based on segments, count, size of the purchase:
PRE-ICO: Bonus: 25%
Private ICO: Bonus: 20%
Public Sale: BONUS: 5%

A hard cap of 25 million USD is set for our ICO process. The details of coins split is mentioned in the initial pages of the whitepaper and website. ETH is the only mode of investment in our ICO.

The usage of ICO funds is mentioned in section ‘Usage of Funds’ in the Whitepaper.Regular disclosures and compliances including the milestones achieved will be published in the website ‘www.moolyacoin.io’. Please whitelist yourself to join our mailing list. You can also be a part of the Telegram channel: @moolyacoin

The coins will be locked for the entire duration of the ICO and for 90 days hence. The formal closure of the ICO will either be the end of the ICO date or the hard cap achievement. The notification of the ICO closure date will be made on our official Telegram group and the website.

The coins will be locked for the entire duration of ICO.

The leftover coins from the previous stage will roll-over to the next stage for consumption.

We have one simple Hard Cap of 25 million USD and one soft cap of 3 million USD.

Within 48 hours of receipt of ETH and Tx hash from whitelisted backer.

The backers will have to register with us at https://whitelist.moolyacoin.io and then participate in our ICO as per the details of the email received from us. Please check the domain and the sender id of all such emails. It should be from ‘[email protected]’. All queries should be sent to ‘[email protected]’.

The platform ‘www.moolya.global’ and the application was ideated, built and engineered over the last 2 years and is live since Jan 2018. Presently the transactions between the community users is only through fiat currencies and usage of currency wallets. We are currently integrating test process of cryptowallet integration (with moolyacoins as the cryptocurrency) as the mode of payments on moolya.

The detailed project roadmap including the milestones completed till date is available for reference and understanding in this whitepaper itself.

Please check the latest KYC/AML policy link in our website footer area.

moolyacoins will be assigned directly to the registered public address, after verification of the receipt of ETH/USD from whitelisted backers. Please note that all coin allocations are done in a ‘First come - First served’ basis and any later receipts of ETH/USD may be refunded, if coin allocation for the stage is over. Please check your registered cryptowallet, after 48 hours of your ETH transfer,for moolyacoin allocations. There may be a delay beyond 48 hours, due to unforeseen conditions.

Minimum ETH contribution for the Crowd-sale and Pre-sale is 0.2 ETH.

moolyacoins are ERC20 coins. They can be stored in any ERC20 compatible soft cryptowallet, Hardware cryptowallets or the associated exchange wallets.

We are currently in discussion with many popular cryptoexchanges, for the listing process . The final list will be shared on the website as well our social channels.